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Anytime Emma Cup

Product Color: Forest pine
Forest pine
Pure white
Stone rose
Drinking tea is about the entire sensory experience. Part of this is being consumed by the aromatic quality that your tea releases. With this thoughtfully designed cup, you’ll experience the intensive aroma from your tea like never before.

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Sizing & Capacity

Height 16.1 cm, 6.3 inch

Width 9.3 cm, 3.7 inch

Volume 450 ml, 15 oz

Care & Maintenance
Handwash only - Not for use on stove top - Not for use in the microwave
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Carol Clooney

I thought when I ordered that I was ordering the Emma cup with lid but unfortunately I erred. When I called customer service to ask about Olof o was told the lid wouldn’t fit my cup. I guess that’s too bad for me. The cup sits in my cupboard unused. I have at least 6 or 8 other Viva products that I really like so this is disappointing.

Annie Kinney

Just love them

Love this cup!

The cup has solid weight that I really like. Stone rose color is very nice and matte finish is pleasant to touch. Glossy inside. Very beautiful cup, I love it! I gave it as a gift so I don't know how it is for hot or cold drinks but it is double-walled and should work.
This company has great customer service. Five stars!

Diana Smedler

Less is more, this cup was thoughtfully designed.

Jonathan Lentz
Good cup!

It's a good all around cup for cold drinks not hot. You'll burn your hand. Found out the hard way! Probably didn't read enough before I purchased it.
Customer service is excellent at this company. Just so you know.


Daily rituals are important to stick to. They are the perfect way to jumpstart your day. They help you to feel grounded. They bring a sense of serenity and purpose. Make one of your daily rituals drinking a delightfully aromatic cup of tea.

The Anytime Emma cup is a minimalist’s dream. This fresh design comes in purist white reflecting both the natural porcelain material and your own peace of mind. The distinctive tall and narrow dimensions have been purposely designed to give you an idyllic drinking experience. The height and narrow width are perfect for maximising the aroma that your tea releases.

This playful and personalisable design is ideal for taking time out for yourself. The 450mL that this pure vessel holds is made for those who need to be reminded to slow things down. Take a breath. Be consumed. Let the sensory experience take over.



Does the porcelain have a glossy or matte texture?
The Anytime Emma cup has been finished with a textured white matte glaze. This gives it a modern urban look, feels wonderful in your hands, and makes a real statement. The lip of the cup and inside are finished in a smooth glossy texture which provides a textural contrast while keeping the inside easy to clean.

How much tea fits in this cup?
The Anytime Emma fits 0.47L of liquid. This is an extra large cup. You can rest assured you won’t need to keep going back to the kettle to refill this cup, although you may need extra teabags! This cup is also double-walled, so even though it’s big it will stay warm until you reach the bottom.

Can you write on the side of the cup?
The textural matte finish is perfect for writing on with washproof permanent markers. Let your creative side run wild and put your personal stamp on this great cup. You’ll feel wonderful making this cup reflect your style and feel like it is truly yours.

Is the porcelain chemical free?
Our porcelain products are all made from a premium porcelain that is 100% lead and cadmium free, and hand-finished by skilled artisans. When you select the best tea, you want to be sure that nothing is compromised, and especially not leaching harmful chemicals into your tea. Our porcelain has been selected with your health in mind so you can focus on enjoying your favourite beverage.

Why does it look like a paper cup?
Porcelain is a wonderful, natural material that is durable, has a low impact on the environment, and will last years and years. Yet if you saw this cup on a desk in an office you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a disposable paper cup. That is, until you pick it up and feel the lovely solid weight, the cool ceramic, and the textural matte glaze finish in your hand. Shaping this cup like a disposable cup is a visual pun that invites people to meditate on the environmental impact of their choices. Aside from that, it’s also just super chic.