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P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin that interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a creative and fulfilling modern lifestyle.

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Strainers & Infusers

The Best Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Blend: Infusers & Strainers

Tea strainers and tea infusers are great ways to get the perfect brew. But they are different, and it’s important to know when to use one over the other. So let’s dive in and explore the differences between infusers and strainers.

What’s the difference between an infuser and a strainer?

A tea infuser sits inside a teacup or teapot. This lets the hot water circulate around the leaves. The size of the infuser you use depends on the size of the leaves. Teas with larger leaves need larger infusers. If you want to use an infuser ball or tea ball, stick to teas with smaller leaves.

Tea strainers sit around the rim of a teacup to catch loose tea leaves from a teapot. They’re usually used when you brew bigger batches of tea at the same time. And strainers are a great choice for teas that need a long time to infuse. This way the leaves don’t taste too bitter if they’re left in the pot for a while.

How to choose tea infusers and strainers?

The best way to choose which tool to use for your next cup is by checking the tea you plan to brew. If you need your tea to steep for a long time, or if you need to make a bunch at once, opt for a strainer. If you only need to brew a cup or two, go for the infuser.

How to clean tea strainers

Spray the outside of the strainer with warm water immediately after use. This gets all the loose tea leaves out and prevents stains. If your strainer is already stained, soak it in a baking soda solution with warm water for a few hours. Then, rinse thoroughly.

How to clean tea infusers

Always rinse your tea infuser after each use to prevent staining. But, over time, your infuser will stain — there’s no getting around it.

When this happens, soak your infuser in bleach and hot water solution for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly and take proper safety precautions around the bleach.

Benefits of tea strainers and infusers

Tea lovers everywhere get to enjoy the benefits of using a tea strainer or infuser.

  • Strainers and infusers are easy to clean

  • Infusers and strainers provide excellent tea filtration

  • Strainers are great for bigger brews

  • They’re both easy to use

  • Infusers are perfect for on-the-go tea mugs and travel mugs

Strainers & Infusers