METZ offers 100% trackable teas and tisanes sourced directly from the world’s finest growers, farmers and manufacturers. A new standard in luxury food service.

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P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin that interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a creative and fulfilling modern lifestyle.

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The Elmwood Inn Fine Teas story began in 1990 when Shelley Richardson opened a tea room in Perryville, Kentuck, today one of America's favorite locations for a traditional afternoon tea.

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As the ONLY large scale commercial tea farm in North America, The Charleston Tea Plantation offers a variety of teas, each made with 100% American grown tea produced on the plantation.

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Glass Tea Cups

How To Choose The Best Glass Tea Cups

Whether you’re a casual tea drinker or it’s a way of life, every sip should be as delicious as the last. And a great way to enhance any tea experience is with glass tea cups. They’re durable, they’re beautiful, and they’re affordable. So here are some tips on how to choose the best glass tea cup for your next drink.

Are glass cups good for tea?

Glass tea cups, especially smaller ones, are ideal for slowly sipping any kind of tea. Tea drinkers not only get to enjoy the tastes and aromas, but also the color. Intense green teas, translucent white tease, and rich black teas all look gorgeous in a glass cup. Plus, glass tea cups made with silicate glass are durable and lightweight.

Which glass is good for tea cups?

Borosilicate glass, or silicate glass, is one of the best types of glass for tea cups. That’s because it has low thermal expansion which means the glass won’t melt or break at boiling temperatures.

Borosilicate glass tea cups are ideal for iced or hot beverages, especially tea. As well, silicate glass can handle sudden changes in temperature without damage.

Are glass tea cups safe?

Double-walled glass tea cups made with borosilicate glass are safe to use. These types of tea cups are durable and safe to handle even if filled with hot tea.

Take extra precaution with single-walled tea cups as heat can transfer from inside the cup to your hands. In which case, use tea cups with handles or use a protective barrier.

How to clean glass tea cups

Always check packaging before running glass tea cups through the dishwasher. Although plenty of tea cups are dishwasher safe, not all of them are. Instead, wash glass tea cups by hand immediately after use and allow them to air dry.

Glass Tea Cups